How do I order a Snugbod?

Step 1 : Go to Basics page and choose from a wide variety of colours and styles

  May we suggest you take your time (oh .. why not grab a cup of tea or flute of champagne (or in my case a green juice)  and view our range of colours, cuts, styles and sizes to suit your lifestyle. Then use your ‘Woman’s Intuition’ to order the best Snugbods Bodysuit(s) for you.

Step 2
 : Place your order

  Ordering online is easy, and be assured that when your order is confirmed, we will be busy making sure everything is made to ‘Ms Glamour Queen’ perfection .. well you do deserve the best!

Step 3 : Your custom-made order will be shipped to you within 3 weeks.

  Yes, 3 weeks! Because we make them specifically for you and this takes time, but time we are willing to spare to help you feel great, look glamorous and be as comfy as possible in your new Snugbods.

Step 4
 : Tell your friends about Snugbods.

  The thing is, as Snugbods is created by women, we do know what women want, and we do know that we women love to talk. So we’ve got an interesting proposal for you, why not talk about us .. yes we are cheeky!


How do I wash Snugbods?

Warm hand wash, do not bleach or tumble dry , dry away from direct sunlight warm iron


Can I really not wash in the washing machine?

This is based on Manufacturers instructions and legally were obligated to tell you. Of course hand washing always prolongs the life of your clothing, but let’s be honest – who really has time to add that to their list. We Sparklers at Snugbods Headquarters, just throw it in the washer with the rest of the our clothes. We have worn ours for years using this method with no problems. Were not precious and neither are our Bodysuits!


How do I know what size to choose?

Go to The Fitting Room for a size chart.


What colours are Snugbods available in?

They are currently available in Black many more colours to follow.


What sizes are Snugbods available in?

The range comes in size 6-24 and will be catering to size 28 soon.


How do I put on a snugbod?

The best way to put on a Snugbods is to actually step in and  slide it up. Don’t forget to do a victory dance in front of the mirror and shake your booty though!

The Hold Me Snug range in particular, can only be worn this way because if you slide it over your head its not really holding you in is it? For the more enclosed necklines like Vneck, tshirt neck and boatneck, you will need to put on over your head.

When taking off Snugbods, you follow the same process in reverse… remove the garment at the shoulders, pull down through the waist and the hips, then step out through the top.


Are Snugbods difficult to wear?

The first time you wear your Snugbod they may feel a little too snug. After a few wears though, they mould to the shape of your body. Just be gentle with those first few times you put them while they adjust to your gorgeous body shape.


Do I need to wear a bra?

I personally wear a bra with mine, but it really depends on how much support your girls need. Our luxurious cotton is blended with Lycra so it gives your girlies light hold.

Are they brief, gstring or boycut?

We have two crotch styles available and they are boycut and gstring. The boycut really is a true boycut with no VPL = Visible Pany Line showing.


Can you see underwear lines?

This is why we have only created gstring (thong) or boycut style to eliminate the dreaded underwear lines showing. The boycut also gives your butt lift without the lines. You may see underwear lines the first few times you wear your Snugbod, IF you do, don’t worry because they just need to mould to the shape of your body.


Can anyone tell that the Hold Me Snug Range has internal shapewear?

Absolutely not! Both the Keep Me Snug and the Hold Me Snug ranges look exactly the same on the outside, but its the secret extra support around the tummy area that makes all the difference.


What styles can I get the shapewear in?

As you have to step into your bodysuit it’s the open necklines like Boobtube, Roundneck, Singlet styles that can accomodate the shapewear range.


Can they be worn all year round?

Absolutely yes! As they are made from cotton, they keep you cool in summer and warm in winter. There are also styles to suit all seasons and tastes.


What age group are they best suited to?

Snugbods have been purchased by 11-67 year old women because they are such a simple, classic and timeless solution to an age old problem.


Are the crotch clips easy to clip?

They sure are! It may take a little bit fumbling the first few times, but then its click, click, click click  – boom! Your ready to take on the world with your secret weapon of mass empowerment.


Are the crotch clips secure? Do they open if I’m physically active all day?

There are 4 press studs securing them so you can feel safe and secure! You can carry your active day as normal with the freedom and confidence that Snugbods gives.


Do you have a childrens range?

Yes! SnugKids are available in sizes 4-5, 6-7 and 8-9 in black. Saves you having to always run around tucking kids tops in as SnugKids eliminates exposing their backs and tummies and more importantly, no more chasing around to keep kiddies tucked in. More time for you to do the fun stuff.

It has convenient front crotch clips at the front so kiddies can close themselves!


Are Snugbods available in stores?

No they are available exclusively online as I try to keep the cost as affordable as possible for you my gorgeous customer.


How do I go about stocking them in my store?

Call us to discuss. We would love to hear from you!


How can I purchase?

Right here on this website!


Am I able to return my bodysuit?

Because we love and believe in our product, we offer a money back guarantee for the first 7 days from date of purchase if you’re not completely happy. Remember, each bodysuit is made with an extreme amount of TLC and specifically for you, so we cannot exchange just for a ‘change of mind’.

If however, you’re not completely satisfied with the quality and the ease of our wash-n-wear range, we do offer a money back guarantee as per our Refund Terms.

We are always here to help, so if you have any issues please email us at and we’ll do our best to get you all sparkly again.