The Vision

Snugbods .. the name on every woman’s lips and the bodysuit on their hips.


The Mission

…and yes, we chose to accept it … To Empower Women in their fashion choices, whether or not they believe they have ‘the perfect body’. Now that’s a Perfect schmerfect Mission to have and one we believe is absolutely worth accepting!


Core Values

Listen – Actually hear what women are saying and want.

Act – Put suggestions into action and take criticism on board graciously.

Loyalty – Be dedicated to serving customers’ real needs.

Commitment – Provide a product that is fabulous for women.

Glamour – Every woman deserves to carry herself with style.

Focus – Never lose sight of the big picture and that is to alleviate fashion trauma for women.

Integrity – Stay true to the customer, the product and myself.

Fun – A day without fun is just an ordinary work day.

Innovation – Keep it fresh!

Customer obsession – Where on earth would snugbods be without you?


Whats So Special About Snugbods?

Snugbods Bodysuits are the perfect starting point for every woman’s wardrobe; like lip gloss is to your lips –Snugbods is an absolute must-have!

No matter what size you are, you will feel great, look fabulous and be absolutely comfortable; now that’s something that not only every woman wants, but deserves.

Snugbods are uniquely glamorous and comfortable, as well as being custom-made to your individual requirements. So instead of enduring ‘fashion traumas’ like underwear bunching up, constant top-tucking and fabrics riding up, our bespoke bodysuits offer you the miraculous fashion solution that you’ve been waiting for. Now that deserves a celebration don’t you think? Woohoo!!!

Snugbods come in a choice of classic colours, distinctive styles and a vast range of sizes to suit every Glamour Queen (yes, including you!) and are made from ease-of-movement soft cotton with a lycra ‘twist’.

You can dress your Snugbods Bodysuit up or down for a casual day or a formal evening out. You can layer them underneath clothing or parade with them on their own, or why not even show a little cleavage (for those of you who are more daring) or cover up, it really is up to you – Ms Glamour Queen.

Wow, now if that’s not exciting enough for you, we want to let you know that ‘We Love Real Women!’with all her lovely curves and womanly lumps – and that’s why we have made the Snugbods Bodysuit available from sizes 8-24. We know that they will not only fit your body beautifully (no matter what size you are) but your lifestyle too.

And because we know that every woman is different and her needs are special, we have designed this label to be 100% ‘What Women Want’ Worthy, so you get to create your very own Snugbods Bodysuit from a wide range of options that is just right for you. We’re here to help you make the best of what nature gave you and that’s why we aspire to bring you a bodysuit that fits you beautifully .. now, how perfect is that?

All you need to do is tell us the colour, size and style you want, and we’ll deliver your custom-made Snugbods to your door .. it’s so easy!


And Who Am I?

My name is Monique, creator of the revolutionary Snugbods Bodysuits that banish the dreaded muffin tops and plumbers cracks forever.

I have a precious little princess, I love cupcakes, rainbows, shoes, statement pieces, anything that sparkles, dancing and nourishing my body with clean simple foods. I just can’t live without my green juices (trust me you get addicted to the energy rush).

Im a Glamma Mumma Business Diva! Born and raised in Sydney Australia, I have always had a vision of making an impact on the lives of women. I help women reclaim their sparkle and get their Sassy, Savvy, Sexy Back! Inside and out – which was one of the many reasons I created a functional fashion shapewear range for ‘Real Women’.

You see, I’m not willing to sacrifice my love of all things glamorous and I’m sure you’ll agree, women deserve to feel good as well as look good. So short of inventing a pair of stilettos made of clouds plucked from the sky, Snugbods is my contribution to the comfort of fashionable women everywhere.

My wish is for every woman to find that inner sparkle that will always shine bright, and illuminate their world to always remember their own brilliance. I hope you enjoy wearing them as much as I enjoyed creating them for you.

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